May 22, 2024

Unexpected Blessings 

Life is filled with unexpected blessings, a reality not lost on Cedarville University rising junior Viv Wheeler. 

Originally from Guatemala, Viv was born to a mother who was unable to care for her, leading to her being put up for adoption. She was quickly selected by a couple who began the process of making her their own, only to encounter difficulties that once again left Viv alone. However, each of these hardships were part of God’s great plan to shower her with blessings and opportunities. 

Viv was ultimately adopted by the Wheelers, a loving family in Portsmouth, Ohio, who had been praying for the child destined for them by God. She grew up being loved by her parents, fishing with her dad, and preparing for a bright future, one that was again directed by the unexpected. As a junior in high school, she received a college mailer from Cedarville University that would guide the next steps of her journey. 

Intrigued by the campus community and the school’s mission to glorify Jesus Christ, Viv felt drawn to pursue a degree in primary education and speech pathology. 

Driven by her desire to impact children’s lives positively, Viv volunteered for an international mission trip to Guatemala to teach English. Little did she know that this trip would result in a profound reunion with her birth family thanks to God’s intricate plan. 

Meeting her birth family for the first time was both thrilling and nerve-wracking for Viv. However, she discovered a family that cared deeply for her, especially her birth mother, who had fervently prayed for her every day. With the joy of being embraced by two loving families and the assurance that God had been guiding every step of her journey, Viv feels grateful for the unexpected twists and turns that have led her to where she is today. 

Join Viv as she shares more about her extraordinary journey and her aspirations for the future on the Cedarville Stories Podcast. 

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