S1:E10 | Jay Kinsinger

November 13, 2019

Mechanical and biomedical engineering professor Jay Kinsinger is an interactive academic. From his days working in a tool and die shop to designing and manufacturing prosthetics to building wood-frame bicycles, Kinsinger engages head, heart, and hands in everything he does. He takes the same approach to teaching, bringing “Davids” into his everyday experiences so they can see his faith expressed in the laboratory of life. Jay Kinsinger is Mr. Hands-On.

Professor Kinsinger is an expert woodworker, applying his skill to crafting beautiful and functional wooden bicycle frames, which he sells through his online business, Sojourn Cyclery.

Kinsinger’s love for creating ridable art was featured on the Public Television series “American Woodworker.”

Engineering professor Jay Kinsinger engages heart, head, and hands in all he does.

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