S1:E11 | Frank Jenista (part 1)

November 19, 2019

When Dr. Frank Jenista arrived at Cedarville, he vowed to never move again for the rest of his life. Jenista, former professor of international studies, attended 13 schools in 12 years as the son of missionary parents in the Philippines. He finished his education at a large American high school in New Jersey. But at Cedarville, he found a loving and supportive community of friends and faculty and discovered a vision for his future as a U.S. diplomat which kept him on the move his whole career. 

Dr. Jenista is the author of a book on Philippine-American history, White Apos: American Governors on the Cordillera Central, available for free on Cedarville’s Digital Commons. 

Cedarville did not have an Asian Studies major when Dr. Jenista studied here. However, his professors crafted a curriculum that prepared Jenista in an exceptional way for a lifetime of public service in Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, South America, and the Philippines. 

Dr. Frank Jenista’s life has taken him all over the globe.  

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