December 10, 2019

Bethany Sibbitt, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, was one of the first graduates of the Cedarville School of Pharmacy Pharm.D. program. When she imagined a future for herself in healthcare, pharmacy hadn’t been on her radar initially. But when she sat in a meeting with School of Pharmacy Dean Marc Sweeney, she realized the Cedarville program would be training pharmacists for an enlarged role in 21st century healthcare, a role that would include direct patient care. And now she’s casting that same vision for her students at Cedarville.

Dr. Sibbitt was recently honored with the Cedarville School of Pharmacy’s 2019 Alumni Award for Excellence in Education

In 2018, The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) board granted the Cedarville School of Pharmacy the maximum four-year re-accreditation for new schools. 

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