S2: E18 | Drew Brandt

May 13, 2020

Some people might say that 2017 Cedarville alumus Drew Brandt is kind of squirrely. He loves the outdoors, makes fun out of anything, has tons of energy, and embraces the unexpected like an old friend. After he and his friends made an unplanned journey into the Grand Canyon, you might even say he’s a little nutty.

Drew’s bride, Allie, can confirm that. She was planning a wedding in May, but ended up with Facetime nuptials in March with a pastor in Dallas and a living room sanctuary in Alabama because Drew saw the coronavirus coming. It was still a beautiful day with loved ones.

In high school, Drew wasn’t sure how to combine this adventurous spirit and his faith. There didn’t seem to be a way to match the two. But at Cedarville, he found the perfect place and people to combine his creative spirit with a deep love for the Lord.

It makes sense that Drew’s major would be Innovative and Industrial Design.

His capstone project was an easy-to-build tree fort for parents with few building skills. That design helped him land his current job at KidKraft, where he gets to create outdoor play equipment.

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