S2:E01 | Rufus Mathew

January 14, 2020

How does a young man living in Bahrain discover Cedarville University? After all, the two locations are only on opposite sides of the globe, more than 7,000 miles apart and a mere 20 hours by plane from one to the other. But that’s how far Cedarville sophomore Rufus Mathew traveled to study cybersecurity at a program recognized by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). Remarkable, right? Sure, but then consider where his sights are set for his career — the United Nations. Rufus just completed a very selective internship there this summer with students from top-tier programs around the world. Learn more about this surprising, globe-trotting student who believes he is called to represent Christ on an international stage. 

Rufus is majoring in computer science – cyber operations at Cedarville, which has been recognized as one of only 20 programs in the United States that meets the National Security Agency’s rigorous education standards.

This summer, Rufus interned at the United Nations, where he met leaders from around the world.

One-line description: Cedarville sophomore Rufus Mathew has a mission to the nations — the United Nations. 

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