S2:E10 | Dalia Akhnoukh

March 17, 2020

While beginning college is hard for many students, it was even harder for Dalia Akhnoukh.

Dalia’s family moved to the United States from Egypt when she was 5. Her family is close, and she loves and respects them very much. And in Egyptian culture, it’s common for the children to stay close to home, especially the daughters. But when it was time for college, Dalia wanted to go to a school where the Bible was taught in every course. This led her to Cedarville, 600 miles from her home north of New York City.

Her family struggled with her going to school so far away, but they agreed and realized that God’s hand was on Dalia. As her dad listened to Cedarville President Dr. Thomas White share the Gospel at commencement, he knew more than ever how right her choice was.

Dalia earned a degree in chemistry from Cedarville in 2016. After that she enrolled in the physician assistant program at another university. Cedarville is scheduled to begin its own Physician Assistant program in 2022.

Dalia loved how much the Bible was a part of her Cedarville experience, from discipleship groups to the Bible minor to chapel Monday through Friday. One of her most memorable experiences was when the chapel was being renovated in 2016, and all the pews had been removed.

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