April 28, 2020

For Justin Cole, pharmacy and family are forever linked. Justin, who is Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Director of Cedarville’s Center for Pharmacy Innovation, grew up in a family of pharmacists and has fond memories of family reunions where his aunts and uncles would talk about their interesting and fulfilling work.  

As a pharmacy student at Ohio Northern University, Justin got to observe Marc Sweeney, now Dean of Cedarville’s School of Pharmacy, not just as a professor, but as a Christian mentor, a husband, and a dad, since Marc served as advisor to Justin’s Christian student organization.

Doing research with colleague Aleda Chen, Justin is helping healthcare providers understand the cultural and religious beliefs that affect family decisions about vaccinations.

Justin is also a committed husband, dad, and follower of Jesus, who loves the Lord and the family of God. He is a family pharmacist.

Justin also serves families in need through the Rocking Horse Community Health Center in Springfield, Ohio.

Justin and his wife, Michelle, are passionate about leading worship with their local church family at Grace Baptist in Cedarville.

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