June 2, 2020

A lot of teachers try to disguise learning as fun. But 2003 Alumna Heidi Bruder has taken it to a whole new level. 

Faced with the challenge of making online learning as fun and engaging as her interactive middle school classroom, Heidi dug deep for ideas. Really. She rooted around in a costume bin and before long she was showing up in teaching videos as a pirate and a mad scientist. 

Friends and neighbors gave her more costumes and with some creative makeup, she came to online class as Hulk Hogan, Yoda, a Picasso painting, and a ventriloquist’s dummy, among many other fun characters. 

For Heidi, it was one more example of trusting in the Lord and watching Him show up in an incredible way. From running on a national championship cross country team after she had given up running to forming a close bond with a middle schooler who intimidated her, she has seen Jesus meet her in amazing ways over and over again. 

And, most amazing of all, is how the Lord has revealed himself as her loving, committed Father. There’s no disguising how much that means to Heidi.

Heidi appeared in costume for Zoom teaching videos for her fifth-seventh graders every day during the pandemic.

Heidi ran for the 2001 Cedarville University cross country team that won national championships with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and the National Christian College Athletic Association.

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