June 9, 2020

Boldly Trusting Her Father

Two weeks after graduating from the Cedarville School of Nursing, 2019 alumna Virginia Walker was serving in an emergency room in Africa. She communicated with the rest of the medical staff, who spoke French and Lingala, with the help of a local translator. Such an unbelievable set of circumstances could only be arranged by a loving Father who knew that his child wanted to know the true meaning of “bold.”

Walker, now an emergency room nurse in Lansdowne, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., quickly learned the limits of her personal resources, but discovered the unsearchable riches of His, during a two-month stint in a village hospital in the Congo. She lived with pain and suffering in a way that she never had before as she fought for the lives of patients against enormous obstacles, especially a 5-year-old named Lily.

Arriving back in the U.S., she was prepared for what God would bring next in her life, the battle with the deadly coronavirus pandemic. However, through every moment, whether in the Congo or the U.S., she is learning to “behold Christ’s glory with a yielded heart and an expectant faith.”

Virginia has a great nickname, Sunshine, which tells a lot about the kind of person she is.

During her time at Cedarville, Virginia received encouragement, love, and support from The Cove, Cedarville’s academic enrichment center r.

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