June 16, 2020

Episode 23 │ Jeff Beste – People Connector

Jeff Beste, Cedarville’s Director of Strategic Relations, is well suited for his role developing and maintaining connections with parents, alumni, and supporters of Cedarville University. His 34-year career, from admissions, to Christian ministries, student life, alumni relations, and serving as an adjunct math instructor, has been all about people — building relationships and serving them well in Jesus’ name. 

Not bad for a guy who planned to have only a tiny connection with Cedarville for a year and then move on to another school. But that one year as a student turned into four years where he earned his degree and was changed by the connections God brought him with Cedarville “heroes” who shaped his faith and his life. 

Then when Jeff returned to work for Cedarville, he was influenced even further by important connections with people like Dave Ormsbee, Jim Cato, and the legendary Dick Walker.

And as important as these pivotal connections have been, it’s his relationship with God that has influenced him the most. As Jeff has learned, all of life is worship to the One who is head over all, through whom the whole church is connected, Jesus Christ. 

You can hear Jeff’s heart for relationships in this video when he served as Director of Alumni and Parent Relations.

Jeff and his wife, Shelley, who first met at Cedarville in Fiddler on the Roof, are now not just alumni, but Cedarville parents whose oldest daughter, Kylie, graduated this year. 

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