S2:E25 | Patrick Oliver

July 1, 2020

A Time for Intentionality

For Dr. Patrick Oliver, the recent events surrounding the death of George Floyd have been doubly painful. As a law enforcement leader for more than 40 years, Patrick viewed the actions of the Minneapolis officers with deep disappointment as he saw police brutality and the failure to protect an individual’s constitutional rights. As an African-American man, he saw another incident of a white officer treating a Black American without care and compassion.

In his new role as the lead consultant for Ohio’s newly formed Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment, he has the opportunity to speak into one of the most important functions of a law enforcement agency – the hiring of officers. “Police agency transformation begins with hiring quality officers,” he said.

In these difficult days, now more than ever is the time for the Church to step up and live out Jesus’ command to love our neighbors. It’s also a time for self-reflection: How many of us have a close personal relationship with a person who doesn’t look like us? How many are willing to speak up when there’s an incidence of unlawful force?  How many are studying their Bibles each day and allowing God’s Word to transform them?  How many are praying for elected officials? How many are voting at every election? How many are willing to serve in public office? How many are sharing the Gospel with the unsaved world?

Patrick’s book, “Recruitment, Selection & Retention of Law Enforcement Officers” is available at looseleaflaw.com; the first chapter is available to download for free here.

Patrick served for 27 years in law enforcement. He was named the first African-American police chief for Grandview Heights, Fairborn, and Cleveland, Ohio, his hometown.

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