February 18, 2020

Dan DeWitt, Director of Cedarville’s Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity, is an award-winning author, a gifted illustrator, an influential speaker for the Gospel, a blogger, professor, and disciple-maker. He’s written apologetics books for adults and children and served as a campus church pastor at the University of Louisville. DeWitt thinks a lot about how to communicate the Gospel both in his words and his life. He doesn’t rush to reply when culture critiques Christian values and the Gospel, but lets his brain percolate, much like his favorite caffeinated beverage, so that when he speaks, he is clear, concise, and compelling.



DeWitt founded The Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity as a way to engage culture with the Gospel and to help Christians think about how to live their faith in the public square. 

Dr. DeWitt’s first book, Jesus or Nothing, inspired an album of the same name by Christian hip-hop artist Flame.

DeWitt is a big fan of coffee. He has a weekly breakfast meeting with students that he calls “Mere Caffeination,” and his brew-minations about faith, life, and the intersection of the Gospel with culture can be found at Theolatte.com.

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