February 25, 2020

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Dr. J. Michael McKay, Assistant Professor of Biblical Theology, joined Cedarville’s faculty in the fall of 2017. This past fall he boarded 17 planes for various points around the globe. The most memorable travels were a training experience for pastors in Russia, where he taught through an interpreter, and a tour of the Holy Land with 20 Cedarville students. The trip to Israel, in particular, changed the way McKay experiences familiar stories in the Gospels. He came to love the Word of God more because the Scriptures interpreted and gave deeper and richer meaning to the famous biblical sites he was viewing.  

Dr. McKay and his students, including his three adult children, Alexis, Andrew, and Katherynn, toured the Holy Land over Christmas break, taking in famous historic sites and visiting the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Dr. McKay is also the author of a number of scholarly papers, looking at interpretive issues regarding the biblical text. A list of those papers can be found on Cedarville’s Digital Commons.

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