S3: E1 | Kevin Jones

July 15, 2020

Great Commission Educator

Dr. Kevin Jones, the new Dean for Cedarville University’s School of Education, has a vision to see Cedarville graduates teaching in every city and every country, at Christian schools and public schools. He wants to see them instructing students as unto the Lord for the glory of the Lord, living out the Great Commission.  

Kevin started his career as a first-grade teacher in Lexington, Kentucky, after completing a bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Kentucky State University in 2004. Next, he shifted to fifth-grade physical education and health in Louisville, Kentucky.

After receiving a master’s degree in education from the University of Kentucky, he switched his focus to postsecondary training of future teachers. He earned his doctorate in education from Spalding University in 2016.

Kevin desires to please the Lord in all he does. And as he keeps Jesus number one, he knows the Lord will open doors for the Gospel among those who observe his passion and commitment. Whether it’s teaching a first-grader how to sound out a letter or coaching a future educator, Kevin sees his vocation as a stewardship from God. His faith is his career.

Prior to arriving at Cedarville as Dean of the School of Education, Kevin had spoken a number of times in chapel.

Kevin sees the role of an educator as pedagogical and sociological, but even more, as theological. 

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