November 16, 2020

On October 27, Dr. Michael Firmin, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, went home to be with the Lord, just 12 days after recording this podcast.  

Dr. Firmin joined the faculty of Cedarville University in 1998. In addition to teaching, he served as a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist and preaching pastor at Berea Bible Church in Springfield, Ohio. He was also editor of a professional journal and author of 120 peer-reviewed research papers.

Dr. Firmin worked tirelessly with students to help them prepare research for presentation and publication. “My mission has been to invest my life in students, so that they achieve their potential,” he said during the podcast. “As they impact others, my ministry multiplies. I want them to go beyond me.”

He was committed to biblical integration and maintained a rigorous study of the Word of God and Koine Greek. Dr. Firmin’s high standards, vast array of interests, and dedication to scholarship were unrivaled. His commitment to the success of Cedarville was unequaled.

Dr. Firmin’s family has been impacted by cancer, and this shaped the way he viewed his life. His words near the end of the broadcast are a strong reminder that Dr. Firmin was living his life with his heart and mind set on eternity. Are we?

“When I wake up, I tell God I will do my best: ‘this is Your day for Your honor and Your glory, because I might not have tomorrow,’” he said. “Then my record will be in the book, and for me it will be time for heaven.”


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