November 24, 2020

Thankful for Biblical Community

Long-lasting friendships, godly mentors, and faculty helping him grow as a student and a believer in Jesus Christ. That’s what inspired and motivated Derrick Green, assistant professor of communication and chair of the department of communications, when he was a student at Cedarville, and it makes him passionate about investing in students now.

Cedarville was not on Derrick’s radar as a student; in fact, his first time on campus was the semester he started classes. But a church friend of his family convinced Derrick and his parents to give this school in the cornfields a try. When his mom and dad met Dr. Jim Phipps and heard his promise that Derrick would be cared for, that was enough to give them peace that their son would do well. Dr. Phipps became Derrick’s campus dad, they began what has become a lifelong friendship.  

After serving at Kansas State University, Derrick returned to the faculty of his alma mater in 2002, and he’s never looked back. And Cedarville is so much the better for it. Derrick has been a committed faculty member, devoted friend, and caring mentor, returning the gift that he received when he was student.

“I understand that if a faculty member is struggling, we’re going to be able to pray about it, and there’s going to be an expectation that we pray about it,” he said. “Every day that I pray for my students, I always pray for the challenges they’re facing, but I always include in that prayer that God would bring other believers around them that they may be able to experience biblical community. That is what really gets me excited.”

As the chair of the Kingdom Diversity Committee, Derrick is also helping the university live out its identity as a place where all in Christ, regardless their race or background, can feel welcome and thrive.

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