S3:E4 | Hayley Penrose

August 5, 2020

Internship of Pandemic Proportions

Sending out isolation and quarantine orders. Delivering food and water to COVID-19 patients recovering at home. Contact tracing. For Cedarville University senior Hayley Penrose, her summer internship has taken on a significance of pandemic proportions.

Penrose has been serving this summer with the Clark County Combined Health District. Her work experience began with the health district’s “Help Me Grow” program for mothers and their young children, but by the middle of May, she was one of 16 staff members, plus several epidemiologists, contact tracing positive COVID-19 cases.  

Beginning in the middle of June, Penrose switched from contact tracing to the Housing and Support Needs Team, where she fulfills requests from Clark County residents who are isolated or quarantined.

Penrose, a resident of Springfield, Ohio, and graduate of Emmanuel Christian High School, is also educating and demonstrating for clients what healthy COVID-19 habits look like. “I don’t mind wearing a mask and practicing social distancing as a health measure if it means I can help my community heal from the pandemic,” she explained.

To read more about Hayley’s internship, click here.

Hayley was able to serve in the community where she grew up — Springfield, Ohio. She is a graduate of Emmanuel Christian Academy.

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