September 29, 2020

As a prospective student, Jeff Beste, Director of Strategic Relations, didn’t even want to attend Cedarville. He was looking for a different college experience and felt he wasn’t spiritual enough to belong on a campus with students who were more serious about their faith. 

But Jeff’s parents gave him a compelling option: go wherever he wanted but pay for it himself or attend Cedarville for a year. Jeff figured he would transfer after that first year. That offer was made 38 years ago. Jeff found a place to thrive educationally and professionally, but more than that, personally and spiritually.

During his collegiate years, he joined Swordbearers, a precursor to today’s HeartSong teams, and found his experience transformative as the team stayed with host families and served at Christian camps. 

“What really influenced me more than anything?” Jeff shared. “It wasn’t the Bible classes; it wasn’t chapel; it wasn’t our president, Dr. Dixon, although all of those things had an influence in my life. What really impacted me was the fact there were students my age who, first of all, were excited about their walk with the Lord, and secondly, were concerned about my walk with the Lord.”

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