E5:S3 | Brett Faro

July 28, 2021

Strength Is More Than Muscle 

Brett Faro is Cedarville’s men’s soccer coach and has led his team to more than 90 wins since 2013, three G-MAC conference titles, and two NCAA tournament bids. He’s also a husband to his wife, Shelley, and dad to 2-year-old Lincoln. But to 5-year-old Fritz Krieger, Brett is an inspiration.  

Fritz has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), and his parents, Bryant and Sarah Krieger, are long-time friends of the Faros. When Brett decided to compete in the Tulsa Ironman triathlon in May – a grueling 140.6 mile swim/bike/run – he chose to make it more than an athletic milestone accomplished. Brett wanted to bring attention to Fritz’s disease, which typically claims the lives of those who contract it by their teens to mid-20s, although recent medical advances have increased life expectancy.  

Brett wore the inspirational phrase “Strength Is More Than Muscle” on his racing outfit, which is the tagline for the Kriegers’ nonprofit. He also had their website, fritzandfriendsdmd.org, emblazoned on the back. The press opportunities that followed allowed Brett to share about Fritz and how people across the country can join the fight against DMD. 

For Brett, this was an opportunity to transform an amazing athletic pursuit into an exercise of eternal purpose.  

“There are so many who do not have the opportunity to push their bodies the way I’ve been able to push mine,” Brett shared during an interview prior to the Ironman. “They aren’t able to run, bike, or swim. I really try to value that and share the true joy I have in Christ. God has blessed me with athletic ability, endurance, strength, and legs that work.” 

Join the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy; visit fritzandfriendsdmd.org.

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