S4:E2 │ Bill Montgomery

January 12, 2021

Networking is His Gift and His Ministry

1993 alumnus Bill Montgomery is Mr. Connections. The chief sales officer for 104.9 The River (WCVO-FM) in Gahanna, Ohio, and Cedarville adjunct broadcast and digital media professor loves to connect people who can help one another. It’s his gift, and it’s his ministry.

Bill saw the power of connections when he was a student at Cedarville. Professors would bring in alumni and leaders in the broadcast media industry to talk and meet with students.

His networking skills became a key element in his career, as he found advertisers who supported  Christian radio and its mission of delivering the Gospel to listening ears.

Mr. Connections has also seen this passion benefit one of his favorite organizations, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). He finds joy in helping others experience and then become supporters of FCA’s ministry of raising of up athletes who share their hope in Christ.  

He especially loves helping his students discover the vast array of Cedarville alumni and supporters who can help them as they seek out God’s direction for their career.

“When I meet somebody, my mind goes, ‘Who do I know that could use what this person does?’ and that automatically creates four or five other connections,” Bill shares in the podcast. “Some of my greatest days are when I take this person that I know and this person that I know, and they’ve never met, and I can put them together and they benefit.”

Bill has been honored as the Local Sales Manager of the Year by national organization Radio Ink.

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