January 5, 2021

God Made a Way When There was No Way

A severe traumatic brain injury, five spinal fractures, rib fractures, skull fractures, cranial nerve damage that affects her vision, and a lung contusion. “People don’t just survive accidents like that,” commented 2019 nursing alumna Olivia Ancil.    

A vehicle traveling 70 mph in a 35-mph zone careened into Olivia and her boyfriend, Alex Arent, as they walked together in Holland, Michigan, on May 28, 2020. The young couple was not expected to make it. But they were stabilized at the scene and transported to a nearby hospital: Alex by ambulance and Olivia by helicopter. 

While enduring the long and arduous process of recovery, Olivia was tested beyond what most will ever experience. She was also reminded over and over of the lessons she learned at Cedarville: God is faithful, and she can trust Him. 

Olivia continues in therapy and prays that the Lord will heal her completely. But even in the midst of the trauma, she is also looking forward to a future with Alex, who proposed to her after the accident. 

“We know that surviving this together doesn’t mean life will just be rainbows and flowers moving forward,” she said in a Cedarville public relations story. “Being able to love the Lord, love each other, and work toward this next step has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.”

Olivia’s story is featured on the Cedarville University website and on the KLOVE/Air1 website.  


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