March 10, 2021
Education Leader With a Missionary’s Heart
Dr. Kevin Jones came to Cedarville University in the summer of 2020, in the middle of a pandemic. But a worldwide health crisis has not dampened the enthusiasm of the new dean of the School of Education or affected his ability to inspire, encourage, and cast vision. In fact, he is encouraging the School of Education toward new heights.
To describe Kevin as an academic leader seems a bit understated. He has the warmth and friendliness of a pastor on Sunday morning, the energy of a college football coach, and the heart of a missionary. Not only does he want to see Cedarville prepare compassionate, professional educators, he hopes to see School of Education graduates in every church, every city, and every country.
This visionary, engaging leader of Cedarville’s School of Education is a teacher at heart, having instructed first-graders in Lexington, Kentucky, in his first job; next it was fifth-graders in Louisville.
While his energy and talents are striking, it’s Kevin’s love for the Lord, which results in a love for others, that is most inspiring.
“My faith is my career,” he said in an interview last year. “Even as a first-grade teacher, someone might ask, ‘Why are you working so hard?’ It’s because at the end of my life, it won’t be the superintendent or the principal doing my evaluation, it is the Lord who will be giving out my recompense, my just due. I want to be found faithful in the time and with the gifts the Lord has given me.”
Beyond his talents as an educator and leader, Kevin is also a gifted preacher and has spoken frequently in chapel.

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