March 24, 2021

God Is Writing Their Stories

Graduation day is drawing near for seniors Nicole Hackett and Tessa Landrum. Nicole, a professional writing and information design major, and Tessa, a communication major, have benefitted not only from the great coursework, but also from the experience of working in Cedarville University Public Relations.

Nicole and Tessa are strong writers who have consistently told scores of Cedarville stories for God’s glory. From writing about a nursing alumna who spent her first year after graduation at a hospital in the Congo (Nicole) to a worship major who was blessed to be mentored in his profession, and eventually hired, by his home church (Tessa), their well-crafted stories have shared more than Cedarville news, but also the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And while their stories have appeared on media outlets around the country, blessing hundreds of thousands, they’ve also been changed. They both share how their experiences writing Cedarville stories have given them confidence to be used by God in the world of professional communications.

Cedarville Public Relations is grateful for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to perform their duties as unto Christ.

“I think and hope and pray that through the work that I do, and striving for excellence unto the Lord’s glory and not my own, that He is glorified through that,” Tessa shares during the podcast.

“Over these four years at Cedarville, I’ve been so poured into, and I feel how richly I have grown, and that gives God glory,” Nicole adds. “Coming out of that and going into a secular work environment, I will be able to better serve Him, which will give Him glory.”

Enjoy one of Nicole’s and one of Tessa’s stories, written during their time serving in the Public Relations department of Cedarville University.

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