March 30, 2021
Passing Along a Love for God’s Word
How can the civil, ritual, and communal law of a nation that existed 3,000 years ago be stimulating and applicable to today? That was the question Dr. Chris Miller, Senior Professor of Biblical Studies, had when he was first challenged to take a class on the book of Leviticus when he was a young guy studying at Word of Life Bible Institute.
Little did Chris know that this course on Leviticus would change the trajectory of his life. For the last 30 years, he has been teaching the Old Testament Literature course at Cedarville, which is a favorite among students.
Two years ago, Old Testament Literature was made available online on video at no cost for the public and has been used by individuals, small groups, and Sunday school classes across the country for their spiritual growth and advancement.
For Chris, it’s a blessing to see how his love of the Word is inspiring others to love the Word as well. This was the same passion his dad possessed, which Chris aims to emulate.
“It’s very humbling to think the Lord would allow me to do that,” Chris shares during the podcast. “And I hope that my dad, who was always such a wonderful student of the Bible, is pleased by that because I stand on his shoulders.”
The Association of Christians Schools International (ACSI) has recently made Old Testament Literature available to its members for continuing education credit.

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