S4:E15 | Jake Johnson

April 14, 2021
Learning Well From Those Ahead of Him
Jake Johnson is wise beyond his years. How so? Because he’s been blessed with the gift of knowing what he doesn’t know, then the foresight to seek out those who have the experience and wisdom he hopes to exercise in his life.
Jake, who is a senior political science major, has served as president for the Student Government Association this year at Cedarville University. He’s learned in this role how to slow down, ask questions, and listen well. He’s sought the godly insight of mentors on campus who he hopes to emulate.
He’s also been blessed with incredible opportunities to learn from people he admires, including the former vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, in whose office he interned. After graduation in May, he will be returning to the nation’s capital to work as a staff assistant in the office of U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma.
It’s easy to imagine an amazing path for Jake’s life, but as he approaches graduation, he’s reflecting on the people at Cedarville who helped him begin this journey.
“Four years ago, I was almost an entirely different person,” he shares during the podcast. “God has used people at Cedarville, people who are way further down the line than me in their walks with the Lord. It’s just such a unique place, where there’s so many people running after the Lord. I’m so grateful for the people at Cedarville.”
In addition to serving as SGA president, Jake was also part of the team that welcomed students back to campus last August during the “touchless” Getting Started Weekend.

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