S4:E16 | Bill and LuAnn Ragle

April 21, 2021

Parkinson’s Surgery Transforms Their Future

Debilitating tremors. Uncontrollable muscle spasms. Dr. Bill Ragle was trapped inside a body that had a mind of its own.  

Since 1995, Ragle has served as professor of finance at Cedarville. He will be retiring at the end of this academic year. The fact that he has continued to work while suffering with Parkinson’s disease is a miracle all by itself. But then last year, he underwent surgery to implant electrodes deep in his brain to control the involuntary body movement. A battery pack placed in his chest constantly sends 1.6 volts into his brain.

Since the procedure, he is, miraculously, back to normal: able to focus, able to teach, able to play guitar, able to play tennis. He has had no negative side effects.

Now, Bill, and his wife, LuAnn, look forward to retirement as an opportunity of continued usefulness in the service of the Lord.

“After my diagnosis, my wife and I went through a year of mourning,” Ragle shared during an interview last year. “Eventually, the question came to me: Which of these things brings more glory to God? Healing me from a debilitating disease or having the world watch me cling to Him as I walk through it? I want to trust God to let Him receive glory the way He wants to be glorified.

“What I’ve received is not a cure, but I’ve decided however God wants to use me in the future to glorify Himself, count me in.” 

Bill was honored in chapel on April 15 during a program honoring the faithful service of five retiring professors.

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