S4:E17 | Shaun and Diane Hannay

April 28, 2021

Biblical Integrity in Everything They Do

Small-group leadership, disciple-making, missions, Christian education, athletics as a platform for the Gospel. Shaun and Diane Hannay’s life together has mirrored the values and priorities they learned at Cedarville as undergrads. And this devotion to the Lord has now flowed into the next generation.

A commitment to Christian higher education started with Shaun’s parents, who graduated from Philadelphia College of Bible. When Shaun’s brother, Scott, was getting ready for college, an aunt suggested he consider Cedarville. After a campus visit with the family, Scott was convinced. That was the beginning of a family legacy at Cedarville that includes Shaun and Diane, but also siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

In fact, the Hannays could start their own family alumni association, with 13 family members earning degrees from Cedarville so far. More are on the way.

But that’s not all. Five members of the extended Hannay family, including Shaun, have competed as Yellow Jacket track and field athletes, which now includes Shaun and Diane’s son, Luke, who joined the podcast. Luke shared how he encourages his teammates to use downtime at meets to visit with athletes from other teams and share the Gospel.

Shaun and Diane have an extensive resume of Christian ministry — missions, discipleship, and small-group leadership. Shaun has served the Lord in the world of business, while Diane has been a Christian school educator for more than 30 years. Diane is also an author. Her book, What Is God’s Plan for Me?, shares the Gospel with children and offers lessons on how to live for Christ in circumstances they might face in their young lives.

“Everything about Cedarville is that it has uncompromisingly maintained its priority to the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ,” said Diane during the podcast. “Everything we do is formed by those teachings — whether you’re an athlete, whether you’re in the classroom, whether you’re in business — the biblical integrity that we learned there has really been foundational in everything we do. Our desire is to see the Gospel move forward.”

Diane’s book is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, online sellers, and Diane’s website.

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