May 19, 2021

Diana Perkey is on the run in her walk with God. Diana is a 1991 alumna of Cedarville and was recently named the Director of Alumni Engagement. She feels that all her experiences up to now have prepared her for this time.

Diana compares her life with the Lord to a relay race, a continual process of releasing and receiving the baton, being faithful with each new calling the Lord has on her life. For Diana, that has included missions, with a focus on orphan care, to Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

She has run this relay with her husband of 30 years, Bret, but the race has not always been on smooth surfaces and well-marked trails. It’s been pockmarked with challenges, such as Bret having a stroke while cycling in 2014 or leaving the mission field in 2017 because of their younger daughter’s health issues.

Through it all, Diana has leaned heavily on the Lord and watched Him move mountains, change circumstances, and thwart the devil’s attacks time and time again.

“We don’t know what our future looks like,” Diana shares during the podcast. “We just walk each day literally by faith, trusting in His plan and what He’s laid out in front of us and just trying to be obedient to that next step. And we never know the twists and turns; we just have to walk.”

God began working in Diana’s and Bret’s lives about orphan care when they were part of an Apex Community Church house church full of adoptive families.

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