S4:E22 | Mark Caleb Smith

June 2, 2021

Politics With a Fresh Perspective

This week from the archives of the Cedarville Stories podcast, we hear from a professor who has become a breath of fresh air in the confusing and complicated world of politics.

Dr. Mark Caleb Smith brings a balanced and insightful perspective on what can be a strange landscape for Americans to navigate: modern-day politics. But because of his thoughtful, articulate approach, he has become a favorite of media locally, regionally, and around the country. He has recorded more than 1,000 television, radio, print, and online interviews so far in his 16 years at Cedarville University.

Part of Dr. Smith’s appeal is his preparation. He diligently keeps up on current events, reading up on the latest happenings in the world of politics and public policy from one to three hours each day. He is ready to go when news crews show up on campus for interviews, and he has a ready, well-reasoned answer to the pointed questions of his students when they want to hear his take on what’s happening in the nation and around the globe.

Dr. Smith’s fair and objective analysis makes him a trustworthy source and a breath of fresh air for those wanting to understand the world of politics. His biblical worldview ensures that his perspectives are true and unbiased and ultimately bring glory to God.

Dr. Smith is chair of Cedarville University’s Department of History and Government and also director of the Center for Political Studies.

During a chapel message in 2018, Dr. Smith encouraged students, faculty, and staff to stand for truth and love those who oppose us in a politically divided nation.

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