S4:E3 | Brian Hanson

January 19, 2021

Ordinary Guy Serves Legislators, NHL Stars 

Politicians. Goalies. College Students. The Lord has used Brian Hanson to disciple, evangelize, encourage, challenge, and pray for them all. But if you ask Brian, it’s not because he possesses a special talent or speaking gift. In fact, he would shy away from taking any credit at all.

For 23 years, Brian and his wife, Mandi, were involved in youth ministry at three different churches in Ohio. Next, because of a providential opportunity to pray at the beginning of a session of the Ohio Senate, the Lord opened a door for him to serve and disciple legislators and their staff at the Ohio Statehouse. He has responsibility now for ministries at 32 national capitals around the world.

Next, because of a connection with someone in the Columbus Bluejackets NHL hockey organization, the Lord opened a door for Brian to serve as chaplain there, where he’s seen a number of players come to know Christ.

And then, Brian was asked to serve as chaplain for the students at the International Center for Creativity, where he serves Cedarville junior and senior innovative and industrial design students.

“I’ve always just tried to be faithful to God,” Brian explains in the podcast. “There’s nothing spectacular about me. But I hope that when I stand before the Lord on that day, I hope that he’ll look at me and say, ‘Brian, you don’t bring much to the table, but you’ve sure been faithful.’”

Brian is state director for Ohio and director of international ministries for Capitol Ministries.

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