November 3, 2021
Finding the Right Chemistry  
Chemistry is an important part of life. Finding the right team chemistry in sports. The chemistry between a future husband and wife. And for Dr. Justin Coby, it’s the reason he ended up in his current role as Director of Cedar Care Village Pharmacy.
Coby had considered a career in engineering, but when his college professors suggested a pivot to pharmacy, it was the connection with chemistry, one of his favorite subjects in school, that sold him. And Cedar Care, the teaching pharmacy for the Cedarville School of Pharmacy, is now the recipient of his love for chemistry and desire to influence the next generation of pharmacists for Christ.
Prior to assuming his responsibilities at Cedar Care, Coby served as Executive Director at Health Partners Free Clinic (HPFC) in Troy, Ohio. He became familiar with Cedarville through students who volunteered at HPFC, which provides free ambulatory care services for patients unable to afford them.
Coby comes to Cedarville with almost 20 years of experience, which includes the free clinic but also corporate and independent pharmacies.
The entrepreneurial spirit of the Cedarville School of Pharmacy was a major draw to his new role, as was the University’s bold and unashamed declaration of the Gospel. You could say Coby and Cedarville also have the right chemistry.
“I love the fact that Cedarville leads with faith,” he shared with Cedarville public relations earlier this year. “Christ’s name is proclaimed in everything we do.”

Justin was recently in the news as Cedar Care became one of the only pharmacies in the state of Ohio authorized to administer monoclonal antibodies to COVID-19 patients.

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