November 16, 2021
Trusting God’s Care for Sons in Harm’s Way

Jeff Reep, Director of Cedarville Career Services, and his wife, Criss, are coaches.

Jeff coached college basketball for 22 years, including head coach of the Yellow Jacket men’s team from 1995-2000. He is also a vocational coach in his role as Director of Career Services.

Criss and he coach young couples through the University’s Fit to Be Tied program. Criss is also a nutrition and financial support coach through her business, Health for Generations.

As much as they enjoy influencing young people through coaching, it’s their roles as parents where they shine all the more. Jeff and Criss have five sons, four of whom have served or are currently serving with the U.S. Armed Forces, one in the Navy, three with the Marines.

Their son, Aaron, a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, was deployed to Afghanistan during the recent withdrawal, and his unit was at Kabul International Airport when a suicide bomber launched an attack. Aaron was uninjured, but it was a reminder of the dangers their sons face. And it caused the Reeps to draw near to the Lord to have confidence that their boys are secure in His hands.

“Aaron believes, like we do, that he’s where the Lord wants him,” Jeff shared with Cedarville public relations earlier this year. “We have to trust the Lord for his safety.”
Jeff discussed drawing up a game plan for life in his first appearance on the Cedarville Stories Podcast in April 2020.

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