S5:E25 | Murray Murdoch

December 29, 2021

Biblical Worldview Warrior 

Dr. Murray Murdoch is a Cedarville legend. For the past 56 years, he has been a model of steadfast devotion, a stalwart of biblical integration, clarion voice for biblical justice and racial equality, a champion tennis coach, dedicated department chair, insightful teacher, calm counselor, and ready friend.  

Murray announced his retirement this fall. He and his wife of 63 years, Ruth, were honored during chapel on November 18.  

Murray’s legacies are many at Cedarville: 563 career victories as head coach of the men’s tennis team and member of the Cedarville Athletic Hall of Fame; founder of the Civil Rights Bus Tour, where hundreds of students experienced the Edmund Pettus Bridge and 16th Avenue Baptist Church firsthand; creator and teacher of the popular Social Movements course; author of the 100-year history of Cedarville; and former chair and constant advocate for the Department of History and Government.  

With all this in mind, Murray’s advocacy for a biblical worldview is the legacy that stands above the rest. For this godly professor, counselor, and friend, having a campus where every academic discipline was taught through a biblical worldview was his passion. 

“There is no such thing as a neutral fact,” he explains during the podcast. “All facts pass through the worldview of the person teaching. It’s all part of the warp and woof of who we are, whether we’re historians, scientists, or Bible professors. How can you be a Christian, teaching at a Christian school, and not have a worldview that’s Christ-centered?”

Enjoy the celebration of Dr. and Mrs. Murdoch’s contributions to Cedarville during the November 18 chapel.

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