June 15, 2022

Marvelous Mayor Mays

Maybe 2008 Cedarville alumna Sarah Mays should wear a giant ‘M’ on the front of her clothing for mom, mentor, and, last but not least — mayor.

Sarah wears many hats. She is an amazing wife to her husband, Adam, and marvelous mom to three kids — Freddy, Layla, and August.

She is a ministry assistant at her lifelong church home, Emmanuel Baptist in Xenia, Ohio, where she also invests in the spiritual growth of the kids and young ladies of the church.

Sarah and Adam have also been faithful foster parents to many children over the years.

And then, in November 2015, Sarah’s life took a new direction when she was elected to serve as a member of the Xenia City Commission. She became mayor of Xenia in 2017 and was reelected in 2021.

Sarah has a deep love for her hometown, and she desires to live out her faith in the way she cares for her family, her church, and her city. Even while she seeks to improve the city where she grew up and serve well as its public face, she is also a mom who makes trips to the grocery store.

Is there anything Sarah can’t do?

“My kids think I can do anything,” Sarah shared with Cedarville public relations. “They think I have superpowers.”

Sarah’s remarkable combination of interests and abilities were featured in a Cedarville PR story shortly after her election as mayor.

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