S6:E9 | Marissa Conrad

March 2, 2022

Embracing Life With No Hands

Sophomore psychology major Marissa Conrad is a typical Cedarville undergrad in many ways. She has a wide array of interests and gifts — she’s a talented artist, enjoys knitting, and plays the cello. Her parents made sure she gave everything a try growing up, from rock climbing to football to skiing.

And while all of that is notable, it becomes remarkable when you consider that Marissa has enjoyed all that life has to offer without hands.

While Marissa has never let her disability define what she can do, it has impacted the way she’s related with others, including the Lord. But when she came to Cedarville, she found a community where she could process the challenges of life, which has also included her parents’ divorce and her mom’s battle with cancer.

While still soft spoken, she’s now outspoken that disabilities should not hold someone back. And she’s making a difference in the lives of others, receiving messages from those encouraged by her joyful embrace of the life God has given her.

“The more people kept asking me about my disability, the more I was accepting of my differences,” Conrad explained to Cedarville PR earlier this academic year. “It has been eye-opening to understand that God created me like this for a purpose.”

Read Marissa’s story that appeared on the Cedarville University website in December. 

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