October 12, 2022

From Radio to TV Production  

Mike Davis grew up Sau Paulo, Brazil. While attending an American school, he heard about Cedarville University through a high school friend. As an athlete, Mike had the opportunity to interact with recruiters from Cedarville at a local college fair.  

After he moved to the United States, Mike experienced culture shock, which he was not prepared for. He grew up speaking English and learning in an American school, but he didn’t understand the culture he entered as a freshman in college.  

Mike joined the men’s soccer team his first year on campus, and it was his soccer coach that made a profound impact on his Cedarville experience.  

Mike graduated as a broadcasting and digital media major in 1990. He started his career in broadcasting and radio, but he has since found a passion for telling stories through film. In his professional career, Mike has produced 18 feature films, spent countless hours on television, and has poured into several documentaries.  

Through a series of miraculous events, Mike recently found himself as the lead producer of Paul’s Promise, a faith-based film that tells the redemptive story of Paul Holderfield, a racist-turned-Christ-follower at the height of the civil rights movement.  

Listen here as Mike shares his story on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.  

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