S7:E17 | Mark Caleb Smith

October 26, 2022

Faith and Politics

Dr. Mark Caleb Smith is well known and loved around Cedarville’s campus. He serves as the Chair for the Department of History and Government.  In all that he does, Mark emphasizes the importance of integrating faith and politics. He started and directs the Center for Political Studies, which functions as a bridge between Cedarville and the broader world. This includes bringing experts to Cedarville to talk about political issues and sending students out to gain experience in the political arena.

One facet of the Center for Political Studies is the D.C. Semester, an opportunity for students from a variety of disciplines to live and work in the metro D.C. area, gaining real-world experience in politics while interning for organizations like the Heritage Foundation or even the Senate.

Mark is also very popular in the classroom. One class in particular, Film and Politics, has gained national attention, as Batman recently made an appearance, leading to a viral Tik Tok video that has reached over 20 million people. This class explores modern entertainment and how to view it critically, as opposed to passively receive it.

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