October 25, 2023

One can scarcely imagine the profound impact a small act of kindness can have on transforming lives. In the expansive canvas of southern California, a solitary gesture from an unexpected stranger has etched an enduring mark, especially in the life of Richard—a young soul forsaken by society, unfairly stigmatized as a drug addict, deemed undeserving of time or resources.

Contrary to the misguided assumptions, Richard was not enslaved by substances; he was simply a boy navigating the streets of LA, yearning for love, acceptance, sustenance, and a path back to his family. And then came Jodie Lee Patterson, a compassionate person prepared for ministry with a Bible certificate earned decades ago from Cedarville University.

On a chilly day in a Los Angeles suburb, much like any other day, Jodie Lee crossed paths with Richard. However, in a swift realization of a divine calling, she made a decisive U-turn. With a gentle press of her finger, she rolled down the window, initiating a channel of communication with the young man.

Intrigued by this unexpected outreach, Richard cautiously engaged in a conversation that unfolded into a pivotal moment—he relished his first proper meal in months, and his worn feet found solace in new shoes.

Fast forward to today, and Richard has been joyfully reunited with his family, while Jodie Lee persists in her mission to care for the marginalized in southern California. Her life’s purpose is crystal clear: to spread the love of Jesus, one person at a time.

For a more in-depth exploration of this heartening narrative, tune in to this week’s Cedarville Stories Podcast, and be inspired by the remarkable journey of Jodie Lee Patterson.

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