January 4, 2023

A Life Changing Impact

It was 1964, and Tom was minding his own business in a store in Xenia, Ohio. He was then approached by Cedarville College student, Larry, who needed a ride back to campus. Their casual conversation quickly turned spiritual. Larry asked Tom if he was saved, which caught Tom’s attention.

Once the two arrived on campus, Larry pulled out his Bible and explained to Tom his sinful nature and need of a Savior. But the conversation didn’t go as Larry wanted it to.

There was no dramatic confession from Tom in that moment. But the Holy Spirit began to work on his heart. Later that night, Tom was awoken, prompted by the Holy Spirit, and gave his life to Christ.

Wanting to show his appreciation, Tom later went back to Larry’s residence hall. He handed Larry an envelope with 10 $50 bills, the exact amount Larry needed to finish paying for his last semester of college.

The two parted ways, expecting never to see each other again. That is until Jo Ann DiCuirci got involved.

Listen here on the Cedarville Stories podcast as Tom, Larry, and Jo Ann share the story of a reunion over 60 years later.

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