April 26, 2023

Christ Is All He Needs

For Paul Dixon, from the beginning of his relationship with God through all the decades of his leadership at Cedarville to his retirement years when he continues to impact the lives of many, Christ is all he needs.

Dr. Dixon was first known on the campus of Cedarville College as a frequent speaker in chapel. He was often invited to preach by then-president Dr. James T. Jeremiah, with whom he had a lifelong friendship and for whom he had a deep admiration.

There’s an iconic image of Dr. Dixon walking side by side with Dr. Jeremiah in 1978, when Dr. Dixon was asked to serve as president. The image shows the two great men of faith in step with each other, which was reflected in their transition and their relationship with each other through the years.

Dr. Dixon admits he had not served in leadership, other than in his personal life, his family, and his evangelistic ministry, so he was taken aback at the Board of Trustees’ decision to appoint him to lead Cedarville. Dr. Dixon promised his wife, Pat, they would commit two years to see if the Lord’s hand was on their decision. After 25 years serving as president and 18 years as chancellor, it appears His answer was clear.

For Dr. Dixon, his commitment to follow the Lord into the leadership of Cedarville was an act of faith. The song, “Christ Is All I Need,” so closely linked to Dr. Dixon and his time at Cedarville, continues to echo that continual dependence, which he and Pat harmonize to close the podcast.

“We took as our verse when we started dating Psalm 37:23, ‘The steps of a good man are ordered by God: and He delighteth in his way,’” Dr. Dixon shares earlier in the show. “And (Pat) had that engraved on my wedding band. It’s been that way all these years. He’s ordered our steps; it’s the sovereignty of God.”

Dr. Dixon’s 40th anniversary of servant-leadership at Cedarville was celebrated in 2018.

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