May 17, 2023
Life’s Unexpected Challenges

Roscoe Smith never wanted to have a career in higher education, but the opportunity to pursue a relationship with his future wife, Rhonda, was too compelling for the New York native.

After graduating from then Cedarville College, and knowing Rhonda was a year behind him, Roscoe did everything he could to maintain the relationship. So, he accepted a position in the University’s admissions department.

What else would he do? But in his mind, it was only a temporary position.

Fast forward to today, and Roscoe has spent nearly 40 years of his career working at Cedarville University. He’s held key roles in admissions, financial aid, public relations, and, now, institutional advancement. And, he couldn’t be any happier about his experience and his 3x-year marriage to Rhonda.

But life wasn’t always easy for him, especially when he faced his mortality during treatment for leukemia when he was just 27 years old. When he saw a fellow leukemia patient pass away from the illness, it hit Roscoe hard, so much that he began taking a hard look at his life and future.

But in the Lord’s grace and mercy, through the prayers of his faithful family and Cedarville friends and the support of Rhonda, he survived the illness — and difficult treatments. Now, he and Rhonda are enjoying life as grandparents.

Listen to him share his story on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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