May 24, 2023

Stories for a Purpose

Conrad Weaver started out as a premed major at Cedarville. He later switched to psychology, graduating in 1988, he found himself the president of Conjo Studios and an award-winning filmmaker.

How did this psychologist end up making documentaries?

It all boils down to a central mission: helping people.

Shortly after pursuing a career in psychology, Conrad found a new skillset and passion working with technology and video. He was hired by a church, and he started heading up the its video production for services.

Despite having grown up dabbling in photography, seemingly always with a camera in his hand, Conrad never thought he could make a career of it. But an Emmy award for The Great American Wheat Harvest documentary, followed by several other successful documentaries, proved him wrong.

Today, Conrad enjoys telling the stories of people that he meets. His upcoming documentary, PTSD911 tells the story of the first responders at ground zero on that devastating day in 2001. He is currently sharing his story with people across the United States as he rides his bicycle from Astoria, Oregon to Ocean City, Maryland. You can follow his journey by clicking onĀ The Journey.

Listen to hear Conrad share his story on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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