February 15, 2023

To Know Christ and Make Him Known

Drew Flamm never anticipated he would end up as president of Grace College and Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, 18 years after serving as student body president at Cedarville.

Drew grew up in Iowa before moving to Ohio for high school, and later college at Cedarville.

You probably couldn’t find a more involved student than Drew during his years as a student. He was deeply immersed in all the University had to offer.

He participated in student government, served as a Resident Assistant, and worked for campus experience.

Drew studied communications, and his time as a student was deeply impacted by the close mentorship of men like Dick Walker and Jim Phipps. These men taught him what it meant to be a servant leader.

After graduating in 2005, Drew returned to campus to work in the Advancement Division. Then, seven years later he moved to Manchester University in Indiana before he ultimately transitioned to Grace College and Seminary in 2013, where he now serves as its president.

Drew has truly embraced his calling to know Christ and make Him known, going from popular college student to humble college president.

Listen to hear Drew tell his story on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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