November 15, 2023

A True Renaissance Man
Renowned as a true Renaissance Man, Dr. Chuck Clevenger boasts a distinguished career spanning 33 years as a professor of concert piano at Cedarville University. As a curriculum developer, he played a pivotal role in shaping Cedarville’s flagship general education course, Introduction to Humanities and was awarded the Faculty of the Year honor in 2002.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr. Clevenger is the driving force behind his successful art business, Clevenger Fine Art, where he showcases his remarkable watercolor creations, including original artwork and lithographic prints. However, at the core of his multifaceted life lies a profound commitment to the Great Commission. Dr. Clevenger is a dedicated disciple maker, channeling his efforts into nurturing students to utilize their gifts for the greater glory of God—an embodiment of eternal intentionality.

In this podcast, Dr. Clevenger delved into the profound concept of the cultural mandate, drawing inspiration from Genesis 1:28. Additionally, he illuminated the Christian perspective on a cultural mandate for the mind, as outlined in Philippians 4:8.

A poignant highlight of Dr. Clevenger’s career was his transformative experience teaching Macy McClain, who, despite being blind since birth, learned to play the piano under his guidance—an indelible testament to his passion for inspiring and uplifting others through the power of education and art.

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