July 5, 2023
Military as Missions

A young David Carr didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He was a standout basketball player for Cedarville High School, and later at the local university.

After graduating from Cedarville University in 1983 and marrying Stephanie Frank three days later, the couple moved to Tacoma, Washington, as David pursued a degree at Northwest Baptist Seminary.

He knew that he wanted to serve in ministry, but it wasn’t clear to him where the Lord was leading him until he heard a message from a guest speaker at the seminary that opened his eyes to an opportunity in the United States Air Force. After graduating from Northwest, David became a reserve chaplain for the United States Air Force.

This led David and his family on a unique path that spanned 37 years until his retirement earlier this year. As a military chaplain, Col. David Carr ministered to men and women in some of their darkest moments, offering comfort that can only come from the Word of God. He brought spiritual strength and care to the military bases he served.

And, as one could imagine, wartime provides a unique opportunity for chaplains to reach servicemen who are searching for life’s answers. That was the situation with David. He spent many hours sharing the truth of the Gospel and encouraging troops during their deployments.

Starting as a young athlete who wasn’t sure about his future, Col. David Carr followed the leading of the Lord and served our country with distinction. You can hear David Carr’s inspiring journey on this week’s Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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