September 6, 2023

The Bethesda Nine

For the first time ever, the Cedarville Stories Podcast is hosting not one, not two, but five guests on this week’s episode. And it’s not common for a high school to send nine of its students to Cedarville University in the same year.

But Bethesda Christian School in Brownsburg, Indiana did just that. Seth Bradley, Ellen Geimer, Ella Titus, Paige Vawter, Ian Whitehead, Eva Campbell, Jake Henry, Jenny Li, and Emma Spencer officially became Yellow Jackets this fall.

When you listen to these students share their stories, a common theme rings through their answers—Cedarville is a special place. Whether they had a sibling pave the way or their campus visit had a tremendous impact, each of these Bethesda students knew they wanted to be a part of what was happening at Cedarville.

For the parents, including Sara Vawter and Scott Bradley, this fall semester is bittersweet. While leaving a child at college is never easy, these parents have full confidence that their students will receive excellent education and intentional discipleship.

Listen to Seth, Ellie, and Paige share their stories on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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