November 8, 2023

Cultivating Campus Beauty

Join us in this episode as we uncover the artistry and passion behind the lush landscapes of Cedarville University with Paul Ware, a true maestro of flowers and landscaping. Paul’s journey began with a revelation during a graduate program at Western Michigan, where he discovered his deep love for the outdoors and landscaping.

For the past 35 years, Paul has meticulously designed and nurtured stunning flower beds across Cedarville’s campus. His precision is unparalleled—he’s been known to use a tape measure to ensure each flower finds its perfect home in the soil. Paul sees his work as a collaborative symphony with colleagues, including faculty, admissions storytellers, and dedicated staff, all contributing to the beauty that enhances Cedarville’s natural surroundings.

Discover how Paul’s creations, adorning University Boulevard year-round with vibrant flowers and hanging baskets, play a crucial role in recruiting students. As Paul reflects, his goal is to inspire students to graduate and positively impact the world for Jesus Christ. Tune in for a blooming conversation with a true artist of the outdoors.”

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