August 9, 2023

From Student to Local Pharmacy Owner

Katie Perry wanted nothing more than to make the Cedarville Yellow Jackets softball team. She spent many evenings practicing with her parents in their yard. Her dreams came true when she made the roster in 2014.

But after driving back to campus after a short weekend trip back home, she experienced a minor accident that caused her a number of injuries, forcing her to take a break from softball for an entire season.

Pursuing a doctoral degree in pharmacy at Cedarville, Katie ended her softball career early so she could put her full effort into being a successful graduate student.

The bottom line was Katie didn’t want to fail in the rigorous Doctor of Pharmacy program. She had a vision to work at a large chain pharmacy, like Meijer, CVS, or Walgreens, and doing well in college was essential.

She passed with flying colors.

After graduating from the pharmacy program and completing her residency at CedarCare  Village Pharmacy, Katie has found herself the owner of not one, but three hometown pharmacies.

Through the mentorship of former dean Dr. Marc Sweeney, current dean Dr. Jeff Bates, and assistant dean Dr. Aleda Chen, Katie was more than prepared for what the Lord had in store for her.

Now the mother of two children, Katie’s desire for her pharmacies is to care well for her patients regardless of their needs.

Although she has been mistaken for the famous singer with the same name, she is thriving in her role as a pharmacy owner. Giving special care to all of her customers is paramount to her, including her newest customers at Cedarville Hometown Pharmacy.

Listen to Katie share her story on the Cedarville Stories Podcast.

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