April 17, 2024

Bringing Light to the Silver Screen 

In the often-murky world of Hollywood filmmaking, where violence, strong language, and other dark elements reign supreme, Parker Adams, a 2014 graduate of Cedarville University, is on a mission to illuminate the silver screen with hope and light. 

Witnessing the emerging efforts of Christian filmmakers during his student years, Parker knew he wanted to be a part of this transformative movement. 

After graduating with a degree in communication and making an unlikely break into the film industry, Parker created his own company, 1520 Creative, which specializes in the grueling monthslong process of editing film and sifting through hours and hours of footage to create a cohesive story that will resonate with moviegoers. 

Driven by a passion to spread hope through cinema, Parker understands the power of successful films to carry messages of faith to even the most resistant corners of the world. By contributing to box office hits, he opens doors for these messages to reach audiences in countries where other forms of evangelism are restricted. 

Parker’s journey has allowed him to contribute to the success of several major films including, Woodlawn, I Still Believe, A Week Away, Ordinary Angels, and, most recently, Unsung Hero. 

To delve deeper into Parker’s mission of rewriting the narrative of hope, light, and redemption for the big screen, tune in to the Cedarville Stories Podcast. 

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